Water cleanup in Tucson

Brewer Restoration is Tucson’s best provider for water cleanup services. No matter the source of the flood, whether from broken pipes or monsoon rains, we respond quickly with professional water clean up services for your home or business.

We’re often called to clean up water damage from the following sources –

  • Loose or broken water hoses and pipes
  • Flooding from storms and monsoon rains
  • Toilet, sink and tub overflows
  • Flooding after firefighting
  • Flooded basements
  • Backed-up and overflowing sewers

Professional water cleanup

Whatever the reason for flooding, the first concern is always personal safety. Because there’s a risk of electrocution as well as other hazards, you must assess whether it’s safe to stay inside your home or other property.

In any event, once our water cleanup team arrives, we can quickly dry your property, including extracting water from the floors, walls and ceilings.

With our water-extraction equipment we can help reduce the damage to your property, and quickly restore it for normal use.

How to limit the damage

While awaiting the arrival of our team, you shouldn’t use any electrical appliances, including TVs, refrigerators or air conditioners.

And, you should avoid using an ordinary vacuum cleaner to clean wet floors, carpets or upholstery unless the equipment is labeled for both “wet-or-dry” use.

Be careful to keep everyone out of rooms in which the ceilings are waterlogged and sagging. You should also avoid using the light fixtures and electrical outlets in those rooms.

If it’s safe to enter the flooded area, you can help reduce water damage by wiping away excess water from surfaces. Also, it helps to move dyed or colored items away from porous surfaces, so the colors won’t “bleed.”

You should also retrieve valuables and important papers and remove them from wet areas, in order to reduce the chance of mold. As well, any fur or leather items should immediately be placed in a dry area with good air flow.

Call the flood damage restoration experts

With thirty years of experience in flood cleanup and restoration, Brewer Restoration can resolve any water damage issue. We provide emergency services 24/7 throughout Tucson and southern Arizona.

And, as Tucson’s leading restoration contractor we can bill your insurer directly.

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