At Brewer Restoration, our certified sewage cleanup teams have the training, experience and equipment needed to safely and quickly remove sewage and other contaminants that may affect your home or business.

Water leak or sewage overflow

When customers call us to provide water cleanup services, it’s because water damage has occurred from one of three kinds of contaminated water.

Clean water is water from a generally clean source such as a cracked water line or a leaking faucet. If this water isn’t removed fairly quickly, it can turn into the kinds of water described below, depending on the amount of time and contact with contaminants.

Gray water is kitchen or bath wash water, including drainage from washing machines, sinks and tubs. It’s grayish in color and it may occasionally contain some urine but no feces. It’s contaminated and may cause some discomfort or illness if ingested. Gray water may contain viruses and bacteria which could worsen the quality of the water even further.

Any sewer backup or toilet overflow should be considered as an emergency requiring prompt sewage cleanup, because the water probably contains viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can cause major illnesses.

Black water is described as grossly contaminated with organisms and sometimes chemicals. It can cause serious illness or worse if ingested. Contact with the skin should also be avoided. Black water occurs in the toilet and sewer system, or after flooding from streams or rivers.

Any “black water” or sewage overflow should be removed by sewage cleanup experts like the certified professionals here at Brewer Restoration. We also stop ordinary water leaks and provide Arizona’s best water cleanup services.

Sewer backup?

Just contact us for a quick clean up and complete restoration services anywhere in the Tucson metro area and southern Arizona. We’ll restore your property to its normal condition, so you can quickly return to your daily routine.

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