If your property has suffered water damage, you’ll need expert flood cleanup services. Brewer Restoration can help – We’re Tucson’s leading water damage restoration contractor.

Here in Tucson, monsoon rains can penetrate leaky roofs and result in flooding. Or, leaking pipes may cause property damage before they’re detected. Worst of all, sewer backups often require flood cleanup.

After any water disaster, flood cleanup is the first priority. We have plenty of experience and specialized equipment for extracting water quickly and completely drying your property.

If there’s a flood

While you’re calling us, look for the source of water flow and turn it off if you can. Even a single valve left open will allow enormous amounts of water to escape in a short time.

If you can’t find or turn off the source of the water leak, don’t worry. Our expert technicians respond 24-7 everywhere in Tucson and southern Arizona. We’ll quickly locate and stop the water flow when we arrive.

While you’re awaiting our arrival, if it’s safe to go into the flood area you can gather important documents and small items threatened by water.

Personal safety is always the highest priority – If you see water around electrical fixtures or the ceiling sags because of water, you should stay out of that room.

The best flood cleanup services in Tucson

Throughout the Tucson area, Brewer Restoration is your best choice for flood cleanup services. We have thirty years of experience restoring properties for southern Arizona homeowners and business owners after floods and other disasters.

If you’re facing your worst disaster, Brewer Restoration can help. We’ll respond quickly and assess the situation, then we’ll thoroughly dry your property and possessions, and restore everything to normal condition so you can use it again.

We’re experts when it comes to mold remediation, so we know how to make sure that no hidden water remains to cause mold.

Brewer Restoration is Tucson-based. We respond quickly throughout Tucson and the entire southern Arizona region.

Since we are well-known as a preferred disaster restoration service provider for all major insurers, we can usually bill your insurance company directly.

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