Brewer Restoration is Tucson’s best provider of water damage restoration services. Whatever the reason for your water cleanup, whether from monsoons or broken appliance hoses, we can clean up and restore your property.

We handle the following water damage restoration tasks quickly and efficiently.

  • Flooding from monsoon rains and storms
  • Broken, cracked or loose hoses and water pipes
  • Floods after firefighting
  • Overflowing toilets, sinks and bathtubs
  • Flooded basements and crawlspaces
  • Sewer back-ups

Quick, thorough water damage restoration

After any kind of disaster that results in water damage, the first focus should always be on the safety of anyone on the property. You should assess whether it’s safe to stay inside the building, or whether you should leave.

“Slip and fall” hazards and electrical dangers are a concern. And, you should keep in mind that any wet materials like cardboard, carpets, or clothing may be very heavy.

If there’s any question about being able to safely lift or move something, it’s better to leave that task for someone else.

First aid after water damage

After any water damage, it’s best to call the water cleanup professionals at Brewer Restoration. We can help by stopping the damage and restoring your home or other property back into excellent condition.

Because of electrical hazards during initial water cleanup, you should avoid turning on any household appliances including televisions, ovens or lights. If ceiling in any room is wet or sagging, you should stay out.

While you’re waiting for Brewer’s emergency restoration team to arrive, if it’s safe to enter the property you may be able to help limit the water damage by removing tabletop items as well as wiping excess water from valuable items.

It also helps to move dyed rugs and other colored items that might “bleed” away from any porous surfaces including clothing, furniture and carpets.

Also, before our team’s arrival you should gather any paper documents, photos or loose items that may invite mildew.

Tucson’s water damage cleanup specialists

Brewer Restoration specialists have thirty years of experience in cleaning up water damage and restoring properties to optimal condition.

Our teams know what to do, and the best way to do it. Even if the disaster seems overwhelming, we’ll soon have your property restored back to its normal, pre-flood condition.

On arrival, we immediately begin extracting the water and cleaning up the damage. By quickly removing the water while keeping the ambient air dry, we can usually limit the degree of water damage.

Next, we completely clean and sanitize your property and its contents, so that you can be sure it’s healthy and safe once again.

Water damage? Just call us. We immediately respond twenty-four-seven throughout Tucson and surrounding areas.

Best of all, as a leading contractor we can directly bill your insurer.

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