When your home is damaged by fire, smoke, flood or any other cause you need home restoration services.

Here in the Tucson area, Brewer Restoration is the leading home restoration contractor. We can quickly repair and restore your property to normal condition.

We specialize in fast response and complete home restoration and reconstruction services. Over the past thirty years, we’ve built our reputation by exceeding customers’ expectations.

We provide Tucson’s broadest range of disaster recovery and property restoration solutions for homeowners and businesses.

No property restoration job is too small or too big for our certified technicians.

Fire damage restoration

After a fire, the ashes, soot and damaged building materials must be cleaned up and replaced. If any soot or smoke odor remains, property damage and health risks may continue.

Brewer Restoration is Tucson’s most experienced fire damage restoration contractor. We handle everything from boarding up fire-damaged properties to cleaning up smoke damage and water damage.

We provide full reconstruction services that return your home or business to its normal condition.

Smoke damage restoration

Where there’s fire damage, there’s usually smoke damage, too. Smoke damage must be cleaned up because the soot remaining after a fire is corrosive to metals and other materials, and toxic to people and pets.

Instead of covering up the odor of smoke, Brewer Restoration performs a complete smoke damage restoration.

Once the odor of smoke is gone, you can be confident that the health risks and property hazards have been reduced.

Water damage restoration

Water damage can result from fire-fighting efforts after a fire, or it can result from broken water pipes, leaky valves, or monsoon rains. In any event, we can help.

We’ll first locate the source of the water and make sure it’s stopped.

Then, we extract all the water from your property, including the structure and building materials as well as carpets, furniture and other possessions. We also use drying equipment to keep the air dry during the process.

The faster our response, and the quicker our water cleanup, the less the water damage and the sooner you can return to your normal routine.

Sewage clean up

Cleaning up the aftermath of clogged drains and backed-up sewers is a job best left to the pros here at Brewer Restoration.

Whether there’s a sewage back up, or a contamination with human or animal wastes, or any other biohazard, we can help.

Although ordinary water leaks can be handled by any plumber, sewage cleanup requires special equipment, skills and training, just as for any other biohazard cleanup tasks.

That’s because sewage contains dangerous bacteria and parasites that can make people ill or worse.

We can quickly isolate and clean up sewage or any other biohazard, so your property is safe and usable again.

Tucson’s best disaster restoration team

Our experienced, certified disaster restoration technicians respond 24/7 everywhere in Tucson and surrounding areas. And, in most cases we’re able to bill the insurance firms directly.

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