The certified professionals at Brewer Restoration are Tucson’s best restoration contractors. If you’ve had a fire, flood or other disaster affect your home or business, we can help.

We can restore your property to its pre-disaster condition. As full-service restoration contractors, we’re known for our quick response and our comprehensive solutions for any kind of disaster.

Water damage cleanup

If you’ve experienced water damage from a broken pipe, leaky faucet or any other cause, just call us. We’ll find and stop the water flow, then we’ll extract the water, dry the structure and dehumidify the air.

Our lightning-quick turnaround lets us remove water fast, which reduces the amount of damage and returns your property to normal fast.

Fire damage cleanup

Once a fire is extinguished the soot, ashes and damaged materials must be removed. If any particles remain, then the smoke odor will linger and health risks and property damage will continue.

We can handle any kind of fire cleanup, whether small or large. Not only do we clean up fire damage and provide full smoke damage restoration, our teams also provide complete building reconstruction services for your property.

Smoke damage cleanup

Removing smoke odor is one of the most important tasks in any fire clean up. Soot is harmful to health and generally corrosive to metals and other materials.

Over time, the property damage and health implications increase. So, it’s important to have Brewer Restoration remove the soot and smoke odor immediately after the fire.

Sewer cleanup

If you’re faced with a backed-up sewer or any other contamination from animal or human wastes, you’ll need help from a certified professional with experience in cleaning up biohazards.

An ordinary water leak can be repaired by almost any plumber, but sewer cleanup requires special experience, training and equipment for biohazard cleanup.

That’s because sewage or “black water” is filled with dangerous pathogens that can cause illness. So, it should never be allowed to come into contact with skin or eyes.

The certified sewage cleanup pros here at Brewer Restoration can clean up any kind of biohazard, so your business or home is safe again.

Mold remediation

If you’ve noticed a musty odor or any other signs of mold, we can help. Hidden mold growth often affects the health of children, the elderly and those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

When mold is growing nearby, sensitive individuals report breathing problems, itchy and watery eyes, or itchy skin.

In most cases, visible mold is just the tip of the iceberg. The majority of the mold colony is usually hidden beneath floors and behind walls anywhere dampness is found.

Brewer Restoration is fully certified and highly experienced with mold remediation and mold abatement. If you’re concerned about mold, just contact us for a mold inspection and abatement.

Tucson’s best restoration contractors

We’re Tucson’s most experienced, quickest responding restoration company. We respond to calls 24/7 throughout Tucson and southern Arizona. And, we work directly with most insurance companies.

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