Mold inspection services in Tucson

If you think there’s mold growing in your home or business, you should have a mold inspection. And, if your property is indeed affected by mold, we can help.

Mold inspection has two goals – To find out if or where mold may be growing, and also to find the source of the water or moisture problem which is supporting that mold growth.

The mold problem can only be stopped once the moisture problem is identified and resolved. Even if you’ve seen actively growing mold, a complete mold inspection is still important.

That’s because visible mold usually means there’s more mold growing nearby, out of sight.

As Tucson’s leading provider of mold remediation and cleanup services, Brewer Restoration can quickly find and resolve problems with mold.

Signs and symptoms of mold contamination

  • Musty, moldy smell
  • Signs of water leaks or long-term moisture
  • Black, white or gray fungal growth
  • Sensitive individuals suffer allergic symptoms, especially respiratory problems

The certified, experienced technicians at Brewer Restoration know exactly where to look for signs of mold. We use advanced water-detection technologies to find sources of moisture, as well as fiber optics to look behind walls and under floors for hidden moisture and mold.

Mold follows moisture

If you’re concerned about mold, first think about recent water problems such as leaks, broken pipes, or persistent moist places in your property.

Look for signs of dampness, including water stains, warped wood, or blistering or peeling paint. Mold is often active in areas where pipes are located inside walls or under floors.

Other frequent places for mold growth are near water leaks around air conditioner drainage, and low places where overflow water collects after a flood.

And, we always look for mold in any dark, damp areas where there are substances with plenty of cellulose, such as on wood, drywall, insulation, or under carpets.

Avoid disturbing mold colonies

If you happen to find a large area covered with mold, be very careful not to touch its surface or disturb it in any way. Touching a large mold colony can trigger it to release a cloud of spores or even mycotoxins.

Our certified, highly-experienced mold remediation technicians can safely contain and clean up the mold, and restore your property to normal use.

The experts can easily find hidden mold

Mold prefers hidden spaces with very little light. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

In most cases, if you see a wall with mold showing on the “living side” of that wall, there will probably be far more mold growing on the other side.

If chronic respiratory ailments worsen in certain areas of the property, mold should be suspected. Likewise, symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy nose or sneezing in sensitive people can be signs of mold nearby.

If there’s any hint such as a musty smell or frequent illness, you should have the pros here at Brewer Restoration inspect your property for mold.

If there’s mold, we’ll quickly pinpoint its location and resolve the issue.

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