In recent years property owners in Tucson and southern Arizona have become more aware of the issue of mold damage. Fortunately, mold abatement can protect your health and your property.

If your property has mold, we can help. The mold remediation experts here at Brewer Restoration have plenty of experience in stopping mold damage.

We’ve seen and resolved every kind of mold problem imaginable. We can restore your property to its normal condition, quickly and affordably.

Mold is hazardous to health

Mold spores are certainly toxic, and you should wear a mask or respirator anytime you’re around mold colonies. Sensitive people suffer immediately when exposed to large amounts of mold.

We’re often called for a mold inspection when family members complain of frequent respiratory problems and allergic reactions after spending time in areas with mold.

Those who are sensitive to a range of allergens generally suffer from the presence of mold spores floating through the air of the home or workplace, as well as from the mycotoxins that mold and other fungi produce.

Exposure at home or in the workplace causes skin and eye irritation or breathing problems. Children, the elderly and those with long-term respiratory issues are at the highest risk.

Without mold remediation, mold colonies continue to grow. They can shed large numbers of airborne spores when they’re touched or otherwise disturbed.

So, try not to touch moldy surfaces – It’s best to leave mold cleanup to our certified, highly experienced technicians.

When we do a mold inspection, in most cases we find that the mold which is visible to people inside the room is only a tiny fraction of the mold living on the other side of the walls or ceiling.

After mold abatement, most people quickly feel relief from the constant respiratory issues which occur in properties with mold, whether visible or hidden.

Property damage from mold

Beyond health problems, the most common issue arising from mold growth is property damage.

Mold can grow in and on a variety of materials, but it thrives best where there’s cellulose, which is a component of wood, paper and some other materials.

Mold damage reduces the value of your property. In severe cases mold can make a home or other building unmarketable.

Over time the mold growth feeds on and dissolves the materials where it grows. This can weaken a building’s structural support and eventually destroy the property, requiring costly repairs.

Worse, mold can make it very difficult to insure a property. Whether or not mold damage is covered by property insurance usually depends on how your insurance policy treats the source of the water which has caused the mold to grow.

Many standard insurance policies don’t cover water damage arising from “maintenance” issues. So, it’s important to determine how and where the water came from before cleaning up mold.

Tucson’s mold abatement experts

Brewer Restoration is Tucson’s leading provider of mold abatement services. If there’s mold in your property, we’ll find it and remedy the problem…. fast.

We respond 24-7 throughout Tucson and surrounding areas. And, since we’re the region’s leading restoration service provider, we can bill your insurance company directly.

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