Mold abatement in Tucson

Mold abatement, also called mold remediation, is the process of ridding a property of mold. Here in the Tucson area, Brewer Restoration is the leader in mold abatement. If your property has mold, we can certainly help.

Successful mold abatement requires a comprehensive approach to identifying and stopping the source of moisture which feeds a mold colony, as well as removing mold-contaminated materials and thoroughly cleaning the entire area.

Since mold eventually consumes the materials it lives on, early and thorough mold abatement can help maintain the structural integrity of a mold-contaminated building.

Mold is toxic

Mold spores are toxic, so you should avoid touching any mold colony. Children, elderly and those suffering from chronic respiratory problems are most at-risk from mold.

Beyond respiratory problems, mold can also cause itchy skin and make the eyes itch and water, too.

If you, family members or visitors are sensitive to allergens or have breathing problems, you’ll feel better once the mold is cleaned up.

Why is mold remediation so important?

Failing to address the problem of mold may result in higher cleanup and replacement costs later. Mold remediation –

  • Prevents or reduces health effects of mold
  • Preserves the structural integrity of the building
  • Avoids or reduces the cost of replacing mold-contaminated materials
  • Restores the beauty and cosmetic appeal of the building
  • Preserves the resale value of a property

Where is mold usually found?

Mold always requires a source of water or moisture to grow. When our certified professionals perform a mold inspection, they look first for any signs of moisture or dampness in the property.

We often find mold growing in the following areas with moisture nearby –

  • Basements with water seepage
  • Attic walls and ceilings under roof leaks
  • Wooden framing near pipes which are leaking or forming condensation
  • Near AC units with leaky drains
  • Beneath wallpaper in poorly-ventilated areas
  • Beneath tiles near sinks
  • Under leaking tubs or sinks
  • Under damp carpeting
  • Behind wallboard
  • Any wet paper

Until they’re cleaned up, mold colonies grow quickly. And, when colonies are disturbed they shed huge quantities of airborne spores which can worsen breathing problems.

Remember that most mold is hidden…. If you see mold on the ceiling, wall or floor of a room it usually means there’s a much larger colony growing inside the wall space or under the floor.

Fortunately, after mold remediation is completed most allergy sufferers soon feel relief. With the fungus and its spores cleaned up, your home or workplace is immediately safer and healthier.

Mold remediation by experts

If you need mold removed, Brewer Restoration can do it quickly and professionally. Best of all, we offer direct billing to most insurance companies.

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