Here in the Tucson area, a home or business can easily become contaminated with mold if there’s a nearby source of moisture, such as a water leak. Mold remediation is necessary to make the property safe again.

Mold can spread everywhere throughout a home or business in as little as two or three days, and it produces allergens and irritants that quickly have negative health effects on susceptible individuals.

When a building contains mold, people with allergies, asthma and other breathing problems may become ill by visiting.
If your property is infested with mold, Brewer Restoration can help. We’re Tucson’s leading mold remediation experts.

Our certified technicians have the equipment, training and experience needed for successful mold abatement and mold remediation.

If you suspect there’s a mold problem

If you think there may be a mold problem in your home or at your business, we can help. It’s important to understand mold as an issue in the home or business.

Mold is a primitive yet hardy plant-like organism that exists in the form of microscopic spores which are found nearly everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Spores quickly grow into large colonies of mold.
The mold itself may appear as black, white or gray fuzzy or filmy coatings on and near damp surfaces. Mold spores can float through the air or stick to pets, clothing or any textured surface.

The spores can thrive anywhere there’s moisture near an undisturbed surface. Under ideal conditions, these spores are capable of generating many more mold organisms.

Mold can arise inside a building anywhere there’s dampness. It usually causes a strong musty or mildew odor that can help locate hidden mold growth.

To avoid mold in particular areas, you’ll need to maintain the indoor humidity at less than 45%.

Mold remediation

Since mold spores exist nearly everywhere, the term “mold removal” is inaccurate. Instead, the terms “mold abatement” and “mold remediation” are used interchangeably by professionals.

Before we can begin the mold remediation process, we’ll need to make sure that all sources of water and moisture are addressed. If not, mold could return.

Although each new situation is unique, we always use the same tried-and-true steps in the remediation process.

  • Customer calls Brewer Restoration
  • We inspect the area and make a mold assessment
  • Mold containment – We stop the water source and prevent the mold from spreading
  • Air filtration to reduce the airborne spread of spores
  • Mold cleanup, including removal of mold-contaminated materials
  • Full cleanup of the property and its contents
  • Restoration to optimal condition

Tucson’s most thorough mold abatement services

If you have mold, we can quickly clean it up. Regardless of the cause of mold in your property, we’ll dry up the water source and perform Tucson’s most thorough mold abatement.

Best of all, we can directly bill almost any insurance company for mold abatement services.

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