Smoke damage in Tucson?

After a fire, the smoke damage needs to be cleaned up along with the fire damage itself. That’s because soot and the constituents of smoke can cause continuing property damage as well as health issues for anyone using the property.

Brewer Restoration provides Tucson’s best smoke damage cleanup and restoration. We have thirty years of experience in fire cleanup and smoke damage restoration services.

We can make sure that all the toxic byproducts of the fire are properly removed, so your home or business is restored back to its normal use.

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke and ash

Ash, soot and smoke particles are both toxic and acidic. They generally contain burnt rubber, plastic and petroleum-based chemicals which are toxic to humans and animals while being corrosive to metal surfaces.

Unless they’re removed by professionals, the burnt materials and chemicals leave behind a characteristic smoky odor.

Worse than annoying, this smoke odor itself can cause or aggravate health problems in people exposed to the odor over a long period of time.

If soot and “smoke odor” remain after a fire, they often cause metal corrosion on appliances, tools and other metal surfaces in the home or business.

Likewise plastic items in a smoke-filled area, even if not burned by flames, may become discolored and brittle unless they’re cleaned by expert restoration technicians, such as our teams here at Brewer Restoration.

Carpeting, clothing and upholstery also need quick, expert cleaning after smoke damage. And, vinyl, wood and plastic surfaces often deteriorate unless they’re restored quickly and professionally.

A job for the pros

Although it seems tempting to try to clean up after a fire by yourself, still, it’s a job best left to Brewer Restoration. Our experienced, certified technicians will make sure that all smoke odors and residual ash are completely removed.

Because we’re a leading provider of disaster restoration services in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona, we can bill directly to most insurance companies.

Do you still smell smoke after the fire? Just call Brewer Restoration at (520) 744-2738